Mastermind (Single)

by Radium Angels

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Mastermind 06:09
VERSE 1 (Vox: Scarlett) One AM, it's me and her in the bedroom We hear the sound, and then we see the light Face to face with our future selves in the distance The room is gone, and it's no longer night We see the earth turning underneath us Destiny has taken us away Starlight streaming through the window They call to us, and then we (Vox: Ashley & Marilyn, spoken) simply must obey CHORUS 1 (Vox: harmony) I was taken out of time Fashioned horror so sublime I was taken out of time And they will call me (Vox: Ashley & Marilyn, spoken) mastermind VERSE 2 (Vox: Scarlett) Two of us, and two of them in the vortex We feel the bond, and we are held in thrall The barrier between the worlds is broken The nightmares have answered the call Two of us turn to run in the darkness Two of us wheel around instead A thunderbolt of screaming neon fire And our future selves (Vox: Ashley & Marilyn, spoken) are stone cold dead CHORUS 2 (Vox: Harmony) I was taken out of time Fashioned horror so sublime I was taken out of time And they will call me (Vox: Ashley & Marilyn, spoken) mastermind VERSE 3 (Vox: Scarlett) Eye to eye with creatures from the outside They take my thoughts, and then they take my will Hear a scream from just behind my shoulder They make her understand, and then they make her still Years pass in slavery seductive I modify my lover, to be their valkyrie I am overlooked, yeah, underrated I will set her loose and she will (Vox: Ashley & Marilyn, spoken) set me free CHORUS 3 (Vox: harmony) I was taken out of time Fashioned horrors so sublime I was taken out of time And now they call me (Vox: Ashley & Marilyn, spoken) mastermind
VERSE 1 It starts with the evil It slithers and it twirls Brings existential questions To all good little boys and girls It moves into red With a smoulder and a spark We thought you were a dolphin But honey, you're a shark CHORUS No color known Their eyes can find Telepathy I'm in your mind No pyramid Phenomenon Waiting for Oblivion VERSE 2 A charming distraction Fear has run away They never see you coming 'Til you tear apart your prey Begging the question Of who and what we are Giving the answer Listen to this guitar (CHORUS) VERSE 3 / OUTTRO The ship is slowly sinking She'll never stay afloat While you and others like you Are circling the boat With blood in the water You can't hold back I'll be the ripper You be zodiac


The debut single from the upcoming album, "This is a WARNING from the FUTURE."


released June 11, 2012


written by Lohr/Taylor
produced by Ashley Phoenix

lead vocals: Scarlett Frankenstein
backup vocals: Ashley Phoenix
backup vocals: Atomic Marilyn
guitar: Scarlett Frankenstein
keyboards: Ashley Phoenix


written by Lohr/Taylor
produced by Ashley Phoenix

vocals: Ashley Phoenix
lead guitar: Scarlett Frankenstein
bass guitar: Ashley Phoenix
keyboards: Ashley Phoenix


written and produced by Ashley Phoenix




Radium Angels Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Radium Angels are a psychedelic glam-pop band who first appeared at Philadelphia in 2010. Known members include Ashley Phoenix (vocals, keys), Scarlett Frankenstein (rhythm guitar), Rachel X (lead guitar), Lady Rez (bass guitar), Matt Dechant (drummer), and Atomic Marilyn (backing vocals). They have permanently amazing hair and travel through time on their guitar-shaped spaceship, Babylon. ... more

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