Your Life is Cosmic

by Radium Angels

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You may think you're nothing special
Full of tears and full of doubt
You may deny your beauty
And think you're freaking out

But everyone is waiting
Do you realize?
Everyone is waiting
For you to arrive

Dare to believe
Your life is cosmic



released April 26, 2013

written by Lohr / Taylor
produced by Ashley Phoenix
album art by Ashley Phoenix
cover photo by Ashley Phoenix
interior photos by Natalie Langley

Love and thanks to the Lohr family, the Wise family, Fiora, Gil Cnaan, Peter Jacoby, Sam Richman, Frances Subbiondo, Dicky, Rick Hornstein, Dave Carlton, The MeTA, Mistress Zeneca, Natalie Langley, Ian Howell, Ender Kirin, Crystal Virgo Why (Atomic Marilyn lives!!), Jeff Mach, John Cecil Price, Bizzy Barefoot, Gonoway, Kristen Kahler, Mike & Jennifer Burns, Valerie Rabbit-and-Fox, Short Mountain Sanctuary, Layard Thompson, Pumpkin, Agnes de Garron, Vibrant Variety, Calamity, Sparklez, Sonnymoon, Scissor Sisters, and the rest of our cosmic tribe of beautiful weirdos.




Radium Angels Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Radium Angels are a psychedelic glam-pop band who first appeared at Philadelphia in 2010. Known members include Ashley Phoenix (vocals, keys), Scarlett Frankenstein (rhythm guitar), Rachel X (lead guitar), Lady Rez (bass guitar), Matt Dechant (drummer), and Atomic Marilyn (backing vocals). They have permanently amazing hair and travel through time on their guitar-shaped spaceship, Babylon. ... more

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Track Name: Fiora
Adrift in a shimmering void
A goddess burning red
Pierced me with her needle
And healed me with her thread

Hands on my hips
Tongue between my thighs
And firesong is on my lips
And flame is in my eyes

And we know we are becoming more than what we were
And the sound that passes through me is my offering to her

Heard the beat of the drums
As she tread the path
She sang the love in her beautiful soul
When she saw the beautiful math

She opened up her mouth
And spoke to me with light
Her tongue was made of fire
She told me what to write

And we know we are becoming more than what we were
And the sound that passes through me is my offering to her

I was running through the wilds
With the wind in my hair
The storm awakened
And the earth aware

I was running through the meadow
With a song for the hunt
With the galaxy in my eyes
And the universe in my cunt
Track Name: Alien Gods
Revelation, mine to choose
Floating in a timeless place
Latticework of neon tubes
Infolding me in hyperspace

Form of brilliant liquid fire
Rainbow lightning scintillates
Voice of alien gods desire
Mystic visions corcuscate

Now Fiora comes to her
Holy form of sex and flame
Another miracle occurs
Another angel without a name
Track Name: Music is in Your DNA
no no no
yes yes
no no
yes yes

will you fear
can you fear
do you fear me

you can't stop
i can't stop
you can't break away, because

can you love
will you love
do you love love me, because

magic is here every day and
music is in your dna

yes gods
goddesses yes
and angels too, so

do you give
can you give
will you give me

in your pain
in your love
cos it's here to stay, so

can you dance
will you dance
will you dance with me, because

magic is here every day and
music is in your dna